Want to prevent wig color fading?

Hi ladies!

With summer approaching do you find you like wearing your wig more often or less?

Well, one thing is certain. The hair color definitely can get more oxidized( lighter).

Why is that? Because the heat and sun open the hairs’ porosity and lift the pigments thereby lightening the hair color.

Why do we find that wigs lighten faster than hair?

That’s because a person’s scalp naturally produces oil thereby sealing and protecting the strands’ pigments, and prevents the color from fading. On a wig, we don’t have that advantage. If our wig gets oily from our scalp it only means that our wig needs a wash asap!

So what can we do to prevent the wig from oxidation?

Thankfully, there are products you can use that will work as a sealant.

Before styling your wig, you can apply a good oil treatment or silicon. ( for proper placement make sure to watch the video on the yoodoo diy or pro).

Or for when it’s already set and you want to head out on a hot sunny day, you can use an oil spray and spray over your set wig. Make sure to get one that will give the wig a soft glow without making it look oily and greasy.

I like using Sebastian Halo Mist spray or A Ph Hogee ( be careful to spray from far, as it’s a little oilier).

And of course, it’s important to wash your wig more often and use those protectants come summer.

So go out and make a splash!

Stay awesome!