Chany Leitner

Hi, I’m Chany, and I help you look good, so you can feel good.

Confession: I performed my first haircut at age five on our tenant’s daughter (!) when I innocently gave her full bangs. I’m pretty sure that’s the reason they moved out, but I couldn’t let the guilt stop me. I’d tasted the thrill of transforming a person’s appearance, and I knew this was something I had to pursue.

And that’s why I’m here now. Because I know how tightly woven a woman’s self worth is tied to how she looks. Because I know that you ABSOLUTELY CAN learn the simple skills that will put you in the driver’s seat of personal styling. Because I’ve developed a no-fail method that even a nervous kallah on Day One of sheva brachos can master.

Since that first unsuccessful experience, I’ve pushed myself to take my skills to the top, training by the feet of industry experts from international brands to name a few — and now women from across the globe train by me. I’ve taught newbies, start-ups, and veterans from London, Australia, Montreal — but now YOU can learn layers from your living room.

Join me — and take beauty into your own hands.

There’s so much confusion about the balance of tznius and beauty. There’s a fine line, true, but beauty is so, so important. If you look good, you feel good. You perform better — as a wife, mother, person, friend — and self.

I believe this so strongly — and I want to give you the simple tools to take ownership of your appearance. My courses are clear, simple, and convenient. You CAN style yourself — even if you have two left hands. You CAN experiment and have fun with your personal style. Let me show you how.

Chany knows hair inside and out

Chany knows hair inside and out. I live in Australia but I travel to NY to have her cut my wigs. She cuts them so well that my Australian stylists ooh and ahh — they practically beg me for the privilege of styling my wigs.


I already have a career!

I’m in twelfth grade, but I already have a career! I took Chany’s course last year, and am flooded with hair and wig customers.


My work is so much more professional!

I took another course before this one. What a mistake! I was missing so much information! Now that I took Chany’s course, I’m confident in my skills, and my work is so much more professional!


This course is SO clear!

This course is SO clear! It was so easy to follow along and learn how to do my own wig. I can wear my wigs so much more often and I’m saving TONS of money!