Guide to buying a wig

Hi ladies!

I know the excitement you feel when buying a new wig.  Somehow no other purchase is so important to us women than when we need that new wig.

We shop around and ask our friends family and neighbors what to buy. Yet the more we ask the more confusing it becomes. We’ve all heard horror stories how people fell in even with the most expensive brand. New brands keep popping up almost daily and our confusion keeps growing.

How can we make sure that our purchase will be successful?

So I compiled a list of some questions and answers that will help make you a more informed shopper and hopefully ease your anxiety when buying your next wig. I’ll answer a few questions this week and continue with more in another article.

Q) How do I know which brand to buy?

A) you want to buy from a brand that has a good track record and that gives good service. Your stylist should be able to tell you which brand she enjoys working with. Every brand has a certain pattern how their wigs come: The texture of the hair, how it’s sewn and it’s volume and hold. Since hair is something that is not manufactured but natural there may be some unpredictability.  When I decide to do business with a brand, I make sure that 90% of the wigs are good quality. If it’s less than 90% I won’t do business with them because I rely very much on that I’m selling good goods. Yes, every company may sometimes have lemons due to the unpredictability of the natural hair. That’s why it’s so important that you have a backup that your stylist and company will service you if anything goes wrong.

Q) Does price matter? Or is it just hocus pocus?

A) I’m still looking for that great quality wig(wholesale of course!) that’s super cheap. Actually, every time I thought I got it, I fell in (some ppl {meaning me} only learn the hard way…).
Anyway, so price does make a difference in the quality of your wig.  I’m not saying that you can’t fall in with a more expensive wig, but there is a difference in the quality generally in the cheaper or more expensive hair. The cheaper hair is more processed and has a shorter lifespan. The hair is usually Chinese and may have a mix from other countries. The original hair color is stripped and then dyed. The hair color can fade easily.
Some women are quite happy buying a cheap wig because they can sometimes hold a style longer than the expensive brands. They’re also happy to save money.

  • The higher end wigs are usually from either Europe or South America.
  • The processing is more gentle and the hair looks more alive.
  • The hair also falls more naturally. It’s less stiff(unless it’s sprayed like glue).
  • The color will not fade as fast if it’s original hair and hair color. You can tell if the hair is completely unprocessed if you see the top of the hair is darker than the bottom.

So price does matter in quality but it’s important for you to know what your vision is what you want the wig to accomplish.

For people who sweat easily or if you see that your net discolors easily (and fake Jewelry too) I would advise you to invest in a better wig as the cheaper ones will get ruined too fast. (I’m talking from experience).

Q) since every brand has its unique structure and pattern, how do I know which one I’ll need?

A)  To answer that question, you need to know what is your personality and style. How do you like to wear your sheitel? More natural, or more done? Do you need more body or less? What style are you planning to make this wig? More dressy, or sporty? Once you have these answers and even have a picture of what you want, your stylist will be able to guide you to the brand and piece that will match the best to your vision.

Good luck wig shopping!

I’ll continue with more info in another article imy”h. If you like this content, feel free to share it with your friends.  If you want any questions answered in a future blog, email us and we will try to respond.

Stay awesome!