Confession: I have a weakness!

“Coca cola never gave out their recipe!”
“Professionals don’t teach ! “

This is what I kept hearing while I worked for my mentor/boss and everyone around me confirmed this rule.
The courses that were out there when I was starting out did not reveal the tricks of the trade. My friends who were trying to learn hairdressing and wigs cried to me that they weren’t really learning anything more than they already knew!

A few months ago, a school invited me to attend a panel that they were hosting for artists. The girls learned about all forms of art and were encouraged to bring out their talents. They wanted to interview people who used art in their business.
One of the questions was whether I envisioned being a hairdresser after I graduated.

The truth is that although I was always doing hair, I never imagined being a hairdresser. My passion was teaching and transforming lives. As young as 11 years old, I was already working with Down syndrome kids in a summer program. In early high school, I was tutoring younger students. Maybe because I always struggled in elementary school that made me appreciate how important it is how we teach others and how to break down the skills needed for any knowledge. I understood the struggle and therefore gained the patience needed when teaching others.
At twelve, I remember teaching a girl two years my senior how to throw a ball high and far. Step by step by step. When I watched her play I got nachas!
The feeling I get when I see someone mastering a skill or knowledge that I transmit is like a drug! It’s my weakness!
And therefore, when my friend asked me to teach her hairdressing and brought me a group, I couldn’t say no.

And this is how YOODOO came about. Through my weakness.

Now you too can take advantage and learn the secrets and tricks of the trade! For those of you who want to turn your passion into a profit, you will learn everything you need to know on hair and wigs, and will be able to achieve predictable results.

If you want to manage your own wig, there’s yoodoo diy that is simplified instructions so you too can get good results!

Go ahead! Take advantage of my weakness!!