Complete Pro Course


Lectures: 12 + 1 Hands-on Lecture

Total Time: 9:47

Worksheets: 10

Cutting Foundations

Foundations for cutting hair or wigs
Runtime: 46 minutes 41 seconds

Shortcuts in Layering

Cutting layers and how to achieve it in minimal time.
Runtime: 37 minutes 39 seconds

Cutting of Graduation and Layers

Detail oriented training on learning graduation and layers, including two haircuts
Runtime: 38 minutes 11 seconds

Cutting of Bangs

Simple and easy techniques for cutting professionally all length and types of bangs 
Runtime: 56 minutes 11 seconds

Advanced Wig Washing for Pros

How to wash your wig like a professional.
Runtime: 36 minutes 25 seconds

Advanced Roller Placement

How to set hair & wigs professionally and get great results
Runtime: 17 minutes 15 seconds

Blow Drying Layers

How to blow dry layers easily and professionally
Runtime: 1 hour 12 minutes 20 seconds

Blow drying Pro

How to blow dry your wig properly
Runtime: 33 minutes 55 seconds

Blow Drying Clarification

The science behind blowing hair and wigs.
Runtime: 8 minutes 30 seconds

Advanced Curling

All you need to know to get professional results for all types of curls
Runtime: 54 minutes

Advanced Styling Lesson 1

Techniques on styling professionally for teasing, and pin placement for brides and flower girls
Runtime: 52 minutes 57 seconds

Advanced Styling Lesson 2

Techniques on styling professionally for up-dos and down-dos for brides and flower girls
Runtime: 1 hour 57 minutes 45 seconds

Pro Package Worksheets

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